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Nurses Across The Borders

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Nurses Across the Borders. Founded in 1999 on the recognition that the vast majority of people worldwide enjoy poor health care delivery services, arising from the dangers of inadequate health care facilities, crises and conflicts, droughts, disaster and famine, detrimental to full and good health. It is the belief of NAB that health is everybody's business.

Nurses Across The Borders is led by a crop of seasoned professional administrators, who are in both public and private sector. This cuts across Gender, Tribe, Nationality and even profession.

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About Us

Mission Statement:

Building partnership for community health


Enhance sustainable community health programms and projects by encouraging and enabling communities to have control over the decisions that affect them.

Influencing lives

The policies that influence their lives over the programms that are set up to meet their needs by creating a link between the community.

Linking the health community

creating a strong link between the community, health sector and others empowering the community to act as a provider of its own health care.

Our Goals

Reduce Mortality Rate

To reduce to the barest minimum the mortality rate at any given disaster in the community by the provision of adequate quality care voluntarily for health promotion and maintenance.

Enchance Participation

To enhance and encourage public participation in supporting governments and non-governmental agencies in the provision of adequate health care delivery services and development of infrastructures.

Provide Programs

To provide HIV/AIDS support programmes to infected individuals to keep them move from fear to hope, live positively and meaningfully with a sense of dignity and self-rediscovery

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Pastor Peters Omoragbon

Executive President/CEO
295 Ikorodu rd, Idiroko Bus Stop, Maryland, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 2348052658024; 2348135345583; 447580081195